Saturday, November 17, 2012

Santa is on the way!

While our American friends are just now celebrating Thanksgiving, my little town is prepping for Christmas. Last night was Brighton's, Santa Claus parade. Twenty minutes of small town floaty goodness. Yep. 20 minutes. We waited longer than we watched, but that's a good thing! The kids don't complain, feet don't get sore, and all is right with the world.

The beaten and battered school bus below was the 'float' for my kiddo's school. I'm pretty sure it was a left over from the local race track's annual school bus race. How fun is it?!?!

I was really liking the hand drawn signs on the floats.

And finally, the fat man himself. It wasn't the REAL Santa (this one had a fake beard) but he was very funny and quite jolly.

Here's the to start of the holiday madness. May your cups be filled with spiked nog, your wallets not drained dry, and your sanity remain intact. (A little crazy is ok.)


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