Tuesday, November 13, 2012

They're back...

Just a little note to begin...

A number of people have mentioned making a rather long journey to visit "Pixie Hill". I love you for it. I really do! Because I love you so much, I'm going to tell you that you that if your journey is really, very long, please consider waiting and visit during the summer open house. Yuletide will be cozy and sweet and all types of goodness, but there's simply be much more to see and do in the summer. This year our summer open house will be held on summer solstice (June 21st & 22nd - the most perfect faerie spying night of all!) and will include another, bigger, better faerie tour... maybe even a twilight picnic. I am delighted to have you, whenever you come, but if you're considering a long journey, you might prefer to spend Mid-Summer Nights Eve with us. xoxo

The Pixie Hill faeries took a long vacation to the Gates (our local arts centre) for the month of October. They've just now arrived back home.

My original plan was to continue adding to the site over the month but some stupid germs decided to jump me and that was the end of those grand plans. BASTARDS!

It was really interesting how the 'installation' changed over the course of the month. The wind, weather and leaves altered the site in many ways. I loved the way the leaves made natural camouflage for the littlest houses. Wasn't such a big fan of the larger houses falling over. You can take it from me, if you ever decide to do an outdoor site, you will ALWAYS lose when it comes to a battle with a crafty critter.


  1. this whole idea fills me with such wonder it's like being a kid again and wondering if I might see a faerie peaking through one of the window of your houses.... i 'm think about making a small faerie garden ...
    i 'll let you know when I get it done but it the mean time I'll kept popping over in the hopes that you catch a sight of one of the wee folk hugs wendy

  2. Wendy couldnt have said it better...i am a child all over again waiting in anticipation from the excitement...