Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For just pennies a day....

Ok, first of all I pinky swear that I'm not going to bother you over and over again. I don't even like selling chocolate bars for my kid so this is particularly awkward. This is a one time nudge for help.

This summer the 'Fairy Tour' will be revived at Pixie Hill. Once again, there will be no cost to visit and explore. BUT this year the exhibit will remain for most of the summer. The 'Tour' will then migrate to 'The Gates', our local arts and culture centre. Again, there will be no fee to stroll through the exhibit. There will be a third stop for the exhibit, and at least one children's art workshop added to this year's migration.

Here's the thing. Last year I funded the entire project myself. I hired an assistant to help with the set up, paid for all materials and transportation, printed all of my own material, and used every means of free advertising at my disposal.

Unfortunately, this year, my financial situation has changed and I need your help.

By sending a few bob, you become a funder of this project and help to make it bigger and better. You ensure that the magic spreads farther, and more people affected. Don't get me wrong, the tour will continue no matter how much finding is received. I can stretch a penny like no one's business! Funding eases the financial burden, but lack of funds does not mean demise.

Anywho... I'm just putting it out there. If you want to help me make some magic I'd love you forever. If you just want to help spread the word... I'd love you just as much.

Hop over to the Indiegogo page for this project http://www.indiegogo.com/pixieproject/x/2195601 and share, tweet, like and spread the word!

Thanks & big wet kisses!