Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fairy Fashions and Early Birds

I was going to post this later this evening but I'm terrified to leave my desk for fear the the delivery man will arrive. I KNOW that as soon as I get up and hop in the shower there'll be a knockin' at the door and Padfoot will be barking like a maniac and I'll have to run downstairs dripping wet because the package that is arriving today should have been here two weeks ago and I needed it before yesterday! So I'm sitting put and posting this project a little early instead. 

On to the fairy fashions...

Aren't these adorable! I created them with Alpha Stamps April French Fashion Kit. The dimensional mushroom stickers aren't included in the kit but they are sooooo fantastic. They are a little bit sparkly in the very best magical sort of way. Absolutely one of my new favourite products. *SWOON!*

NEWS FLASH! Alpha Stamps is having a giveaway of EVERYTHING you need to create these fairy fashions... including those divine mushroom stickers! CLICK HERE

Here's a gander at each of the frocks....

Also, I have a new collage sheet exclusive to Alpha Stamps called Just Wings. It's so brand spankin' new that you're getting an extra sneaky peek because it won't be announced until tomorrow!

I readily admit that I created this sheet for completely selfish reasons. I really, really want to play with some translucent wings so I made these thinking they'd be pretty with the light shining through them. And, because I like bang for my buck, I've crammed that page with as many pairs of wings as possible. There's over 50 pairs of wings on that sheet! I can't wait to see what lovely things are made from it :) 


  1. That wings sheet looks great! I think I may have to own one myself when they go public. Did you say it's translucent? Are they self-adhesive, or printed on acetate, or what?

  2. These are delightful fairy frocks. Love the little vignettes you've created with the bases and sweet sewing notions Those mushrooms are very cool and the wings sheet is many choices. I bought the winged things collage sheet and have already used it twice! Love it!

  3. Hi Nichola,

    OMG these are absolutely adorable. I love them!!! Your talent is amazing. I also love your new Collage Sheet! Perfect for so many different uses.

    Take care,

  4. I actually found you when perusing the G45 list of finalists.. I have to say that I am absolutely delighted to see more of your work.. I am completely inspired by your tutorials, and went out and got myself some moss!! Thank you so much for sharing your self with us@!