Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fairy Lanterns, Fancy Brooch & Half Sheet Freebie

Ok, how stinkin' adorable is this fairy lantern?!? Could it possibly be any cuter?

What if I add a tealight to show off those transparency wings?

*dreamy sigh* I had far too much fun making these lanterns for Alpha Stamps. Just look at this little fellow picking a tiny rose for his favourite fairy lovin' lunatic (that would be me).

I've kept the embellishments here fairly quiet. Because I haven't I haven't added too many bells and whistles, individually the lanterns have a clean look and together (totally grouping these for a table centre piece!) they are not too overwhelming.

Sometimes restraint is thought of as boring or dull, I believe that it can be classic and demonstrate a certain elegance. Some days restraint is in order... all other days need three buckets of glitter and a two miles of ribbon and as much dresden trim as you can possibly use.

Did you happen to notice those amazing fairy cameos? Totally swoon-worthy. I've used a gorgeous green one for this very fancy cameo locket brooch.

And the pretty thing opens up to reveal a little altered art piece inside :)

Now, on to the freebie.

Not too long ago Alpha Stamps held a Fairy Fashion Giveaway. There were so many sweet comments (especially about keeping fairy magic alive for children) that I knew I wanted to create some sort of freebie for Alpha Stamps customers. So, here it is...

These are the photos I used in today's lantern project. They will be available from Alpha Stamps for a limited time for you to make your own fairy magic. Just leave a comment on today's Alpha Stamps blog and they'll email you a printable version :)


  1. I just love your creativity and the wonderful things you come up with. The lanterns are adorable! How do you DO that! ;-)

  2. I want to live with the wee faeries you create. They are so adorable. I love faerie, gnomes, mushrooms, all of it. I am so inspired by your works of art. I can't even make half of the projects you share with us. I am trying though. My wee clay mushrooms were a big hit for family and friends this past Christmas. Now I have to find some birch limbs and old tin dishpans to make the large mushrooms for my yard. Thank you for sharing! I went over to the Alpha blog. So much going on! Very exciting!

  3. I just totally LOVE your Fairy Lanterns! They are the most beautiful altered art piece I have seen! Its making me want them LOL! I will now have to go to Alpha Stamps and buy me those lanterns! You did such a wonderful job on them! And yes I did notice those amazing fairy cameos, I am so hoping that Alpha carries those too! Oh man these are just so stunning! Great job!