Saturday, July 06, 2013

A day of discoveries

It's been an eventful day at Pixie Hill.

First, new toadstools are popping up everywhere. I think the faeries must like their homes this year, otherwise these would not be sprouting right next door.

Then there is this unusual fellow who has sprouted at the spiral. Strange toadstool indeed!

I noticed a great deal of fussing by some tiny little sparrows near the big pine on our front lawn. It didn't take long to see what the commotion was about...

This grumpy little fellow had fallen from his nest. I left him be and went to read up on what to do about fallen birds. Since there was no way to return the wee fellow to the nest, I decided to take a bit of advice and create a little nest near the original one and hope the mamma and papa would take care of the wee thing. Well I popped that little bird into the nest I hobbled and he popped right back out again! He's a feisty little thing and his ma and pa are close by so I suppose all I can do is hope that nature can be kind.


Nature isn't always kind. Mr. Pixie found this in the pool this morning. Isn't it beautiful? It makes me sad that it's not fluttering around, but it's a wonder to hold in your hand. We were certain that it was dead but after a few hours we noticed tiny movements here and there. I'm sure the beautiful creature will not live, but those little movements of resilience are miraculous.

And finally (although the day is not yet over so may not truly be 'finally') I almost mowed this over with the lawn tractor today.

What a strange and marvelous day.