Thursday, July 11, 2013

Staycation Adventure Book

Like a many families we live on a budget and our piggy bank doesn't contain enough pennies for a fancy vacation. While we would love to visit faraway places, we simply cannot afford it. Now, I may not be able to take my kiddo to Cuba or Disneyland, but I can make sure he has a fabulous summer staycation at home.

And so I created this adventure book especially for my kid using Graphic 45 staples and papers. It contains all sorts of things to do, challenges and activities to be accomplished over the summer holiday. There's approximately one tag for each week of summer vacation.

I used a Graphic 45 Regular Tag Album and embellished using a number of Graphic 45 paper collections. The visual goal was to create something vibrant and fun, to toss fuddy duddy design rules out the window and just play with the papers. Since the Graphic 45 papers lend themselves so well to mixing and matching, it all comes together nicely.

What activities are in the book?   

• trip to grandpa’s farm (done!)
• plan a pool party (this weeks tag, party day is tomorrow!)
• scavenger hunt
• a night at the drive-in
• photography challenge (a list of things to take photos of)
• sushi and kung-fu movie night
• prepare and enjoy a picnic
• write a secret coded message (with cypher wheel and blank postcard)
• a checklist of activities for July including camping on the lawn and making a mud pit

• treetop treking adventure with dad  .....and my personal favourite
• treasure map to find a tin of buried coins

Here's a better look at a few of the tags...

Most of the pages have a tag or pocket that can be used for keepsakes of the 'mini-adventures' when completed. The tickets, photographs, notes and drawings he collects will be a reminder of the great summer we spent at home... and hopefully serve as a reminder that you don't need a lot of money to create great memories, just a little bit of imagination :)

Want to make your own? Here's the complete list of materials used in this project:

Graphic 45 paper:
French Country 6x6 Patterns & Solids Pad
French Country Tags & Pockets
French Country Grandeur
French Country Provance 
French Country Bon Appetit 
French Country Chipboard 2 
French Country Promenade 

Secret Garden Pretty Primrose 

Place in Time January Cut-ApartsPlace in Time Chipboard 2 
Place in Time Stickers AlphabetPlace in Time Stickers 
Place in Time July Cut-Aparts 

Bird Song - Enlightenment 
Bird Song Chipboard Die-cuts 1 
Bird Song Stickers

May Arts Ribbon and Twine
Bond Paper
Hand Charm
Tiny Compass
Resin pointing finger
Small metal fork
Metal brad