Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Oberon's Love Dust - A Powdery Love Potion

It's been AGES since I posted anything witchcrafty and magical. Those who are new to this blog might not even realize that I am a rather witchy woman. I have the herb cupboard to prove it ;)

A while ago I said that I was going to post my recipe for my favourite love powder but I am TERRIBLE at posting things I say I'm going to post. It's as though I curse myself by saying "Next week I will..." because it never happens.

Well, mark today on your calendars because I'm actually following up! Witchy friends, spell casters and non-muggle types, here is my recipe "Oberon's Love Powder".

This magical powder is inspired by A Mid-Summer Nights Dream and is one of my very favourite 'potions'. Now, love spells can be quite sticky morally speaking as they generally try to influence the feelings of another, but this one is a little different. This one promotes romantic feelings that already exist. A little lovey dovey booster, if you will.

• first violets of spring
• dried lavender flowers
• dried rose petals
• talc
• essential oils of lavender and bergamot

Place talc into a mortar and add a few drops (equal amounts of each) of lavender and bergamot. Your goal is for the talc to be slightly dampened, NOT wet and mushy. Grind and mix using the pestle. (Note: I'm a big believer in 'intent' when spell casting and generally do not use incantations. If you feel the need to speak words over your work, but all means speak away)

When well combined add the dried flowers and grind again. Do not make this powder when grumpy. Thinking happy daydreamy thoughts is helpful.

Allow the scents to meld for at least 3 days. Sprinkle sparingly. Especially effective when sprinkled over a mattress.

Happy smooching ;)