Friday, August 30, 2013

To Be Perfectly Clear

I often wonder what goes on inside an adult mind for them to spout streams of negativity towards posts that are only meant to make the viewer feel good.

Then one of those comments appeared on my page.

I was showing off a beautiful 'thank you' card with a handwritten note from one of my littlest visitors. Some 'grown-up' decided to over look the sentiment, good will and fine manners with which it was sent, and made an incredibly rude and insensitive remark.

When I suggested that a little bit of etiquette was in order I was told I was over reacting.



Not even a bit.

Not one little smidge.

Now, I've had a rough week. I'm feeling down and a little grumpy BUT even if my heart was filled with buttercups and candyfloss this would have set me off. This is not over reacting. This is being fed up to >>HERE<< with the complete lack of tact and common kindness some people display.

How on earth does someone find fault with a child being taught grace and manners? In what sort of mind is it okay to belittle a child expressing gratitude in their own words and pictures?

Can you fathom someone coming into your house and insulting the child of one of your guests? In my house that person would be removed immediately. Same goes for my page. 

Please consider the following when posting...

• If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

• Think before you speak.

• Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

• What would Jesus (or other divine being of choice) do?

I want you, my 'guest', to feel like you are in a positive environment and this sort of behaviour shouldn't be a concern. I cross my heart that I will do my best to keep the place clear of this sort of beast, and I will always 'over react' when thoughtlessness is directed at little people. 

Just to be perfectly clear... This particular brand of insensitivity and overall rudeness may fly elsewhere but not with me and not on my page. You want to have a laugh at a child's expense or make rude flippant remarks? Go crawl into some dark corner of the web and laugh it up with the other cretins, giggle and rant with your friends, scream it into your pillow... just keep it off of my page. 


  1. That is quite horrible and very sad. I agree with you on all counts. So sorry that happened...

  2. The vitriol spewed on the web is disgusting and disturbing. I'm so glad you are taking a stand against! Thank you!

  3. So sorry you have had this sad experience. I have learned so much with you and I am tremendously grateful for people who share their heart. Those are the ones that matter. Feel yourself hugged. :)

  4. I have no idea what was said or posted on your Blog but I can say this, after following your Blog for as long as I have and knowing the love, warmth and kindness your heart holds and the talent your mind yields I can't even imagine anyone even having a reason or a thought to post something rude, negative or hurtful on your Blog whether it be directed to you or to something or someone directly related to you. CHEERS to you for speaking out and not accepting it. Honestly whoever this was, in my opinion, is a very lonely, sad and jealous person.

    With warm regards,

  5. Kudos for speaking your mind and setting your boundaries, Nichola!! We love your work and your blog--so sorry you had to deal with this sort of rude and despicable behavior. Life is hard enough!! We come here to enjoy and share In your world of wonder, color and creativity. No nasty gremlins allowed!!!!!

  6. I agree! If you can't say something nice then keep your big mouth shut! I am so sorry for the hurt that some inconsiderate person may have caused you and hopefully they will crawl back into their hole!

  7. I agree with absolutely everything you have said, also concur with all the comments.
    Life is too short, let's not waste time on insensitive people, they are in the minority. You have a wonderful site, a heart full of love and sharing and I too fully appreciate everything you are trying to achieve. Good on you Nichola, hugs :)

  8. Well said. People who belittle children are very unhappy about their life. I love your site and always look forward to your posts as they are filled with love and whimsy. I am sorry you and others had to deal with this type of person. Thank you for not tolerating it.

  9. How sad that someone has to be so rude! Sorry this happened to you and it really shouldn't happen to anyone!! People never stop to think before they spew out things that shouldn't be said in public and much less in writing on someone's blog!! hugs to you!!

  10. I can't imagine why someone would want to post something negative ... :-(
    So sorry that happened.