Thursday, September 05, 2013

A pretty cubby box and a word on stash

I completed another little cubby box the other day. It's white and pink and sort of frilly and girly, sentimental and rather sweet.

I've used the Graphic 45 Secret Garden collection and Staples, along with some very pretty May Arts Ribbon. There's also a number of items from my stash and I wanted to talk about that for a moment.

Oh stash! That collection of awesome objects that we covet, we treasure, we hoard. Those things that would be perfect for crafting, but we are terrified to actually use.

There's loads of pieces from my stash in this piece. Some of the buttons and other doodads have been in my collection for ages (like that fab old bottle and the pink enamel flower), other items are recent additions (the head at the top and the bottom filigree piece).

Now, I'm not saying that you should immediately use every little bit in your grand collection but I really want to encourage you to USE YOUR STASH. You have those little treasures because you saw potential in them... use them. Create beautiful things and use them! Utilizing those items celebrates the worth you saw in them.


Waiting for just the right project? Make things! Make LOADS of things and that 'just right' project will come along. When it does, USE YOUR STASH!

Don't be afraid of wrecking or ruining something. Never fear your supplies (unless of course they are highly toxic or pointy, then 'safety first!'). If you don't play and experiment you're missing out on making some wonderful discoveries.

What's the very worst that could happen? You completely obliterate something? You make something hideous? Even then, you will have learned and gained from your experience!

I love you. I think you are brilliant and I think your should USE YOUR STASH. I pinky swear, you'll go on to create grand things if you do.


Small wooden cubby ($store) 
Wooden spools
Vintage bottle
Small glass bottles

Faux pearls
Dried Lavender
Spanish Moss
Mini Bird Eggs
Vintage buttons
Antique 3D Gold Crowns
Old Fashioned Rose

Misc bits and bobs (old earring, broken jewelry, metal)May Arts Ribbon
Graphic 45 Papers:
Secret Garden
• Beautiful Blooms
• Leafy Treetops 
• Pretty Primrose 
• Springtime
• Secret Garden 8x8 Pads
• Secret Garden 6x6 Patterns & Solids Pad
• Secret Garden Stickers
• Secret Garden Chipboard 1
• Secret Garden Chipboard 2

French Country
• French Country Chipboard 1

• French Country Chipboard 2

 Graphic 45 Staples:
• Ornate Metal Key Holes• Ornate Metal Keys
Acrylic craft paint
Glue, glue and more glue