Friday, October 18, 2013

Morning Inspiration 10.18.13

I love mushrooms (and toadstools and fungus and lichen). Funny, I'm not a big fan of mushroom soup... although I did once have a delicious bowl at very fancy dinner party. It's really not their flavour that grabs me. It's how they grow. They pop up, seemingly suddenly, anywhere they like. They are yellow, white, red, purple and brown. They are smooth and soft, gelatinous, poisonous. They grown in lines and circles and clumps. And then they wither back into the earth, as magically as they arrived.

I am certain that this particular mushroom MUST taste like flakes of white chocolate that crumble and melt on your tongue. Don't worry, I am not nearly brave enough to taste it.


  1. If you have a dog...please, please don't let them nibble a BITE. Mine did and we almost lost him. Many days at the vet and much money spent, the baby survived. Although they are beautiful in nature (I call them Fairy houses), mushrooms are very toxic to dogs.

  2. My dog is thick as bricks but has never eaten a mushroom. He once licked a toad and sent me into a panic when he started wheezing and foaming at the mouth. He was fine after a few minutes but then went right back to the same toad again! Thankfully, mushrooms he has not developed a taste for :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful image -I love it...and yes, totally looks like it could be made of slivers of white chocolate.:)