Tuesday, October 01, 2013


I've been busy getting a few projects finished up, photographing, viddy-ing and all that other good stuff which goes hand in hand with my mess making. It's a funny thing having projects here, sitting, waiting, to be shown. Waiting for permission. It's a strange thing to have to hold back. I've never really been a hold back sort... I'm more of a "the glue isn't dry but look what I've made!" type.

I find myself playing sometimes so that I have something I don't have to wait to show off. Playing is underrated. It gets the real juices flowing. It keeps my brain fresh. It gives me practice. As an added bonus I have something to post.

Lately that playing has been layouts. Something I never worked on before and need much practice at. I've been working with 8" layouts. That small space is far more comfortable, more cozy, than those vast 12 inch sheets.

The girls in the photo above are my aunties, and that little one on the far right is my mum.

Where's the supply list? Erm, I'm under the weather so I'll post it later BUT you can find the list over on scrapbook.com