Thursday, November 07, 2013

Good Morning: Light and leaves

The weather has been funny here. Cool and frosty, then warm, then wet, then cloudy, then sunny! As someone who has quite enough trouble dressing in the morning, I'd appreciate a bit of consistency so that I don't end up wearing shorts during a hail storm (hey, with my style sense it could happen).

This morning there was a damp chill in the air, but it was bright and sunny. It's miraculous what a little sunlight can do. I rambled over to the vegetable garden, which has finished bearing save the brussles sprouts and beets. There are a few things fighting against the chill. Our parsley is spreading and looks rather lush... which is funny because we haven't had much luck with it. The lambs ear is looking lovely and velvety too. Mossy patches still abound and have benefitted from the recent damp.

I think I'd rather be one of those 'weedy things' than a delicate flower. To survive and thrive after the chill, and witness the changing of the winds.