Friday, November 01, 2013

Good Morning: Wind

It used to be that I thought wind was invigorating. To stand against it and feel it pushing back. To have mother nature arrange my hair. In my mind, it was wild and free.

When you live with old creaking trees nearby it becomes something altogether different. It's fierce and forceful. It can be like an army of invisible hooligans. They knock over chairs and toss things across the lawn. Sometimes they even knock over trees and vandalize the property.

I've always found those windy days where the clouds rush past in fast-forward a little unsettling. They rush past, blow the treetops like brooms against the sky. Sometimes they shake up the way for change and sometimes change is good... even if it makes us feel uneasy.


  1. Awesome post to go along with that wonderful shot.
    You have such a way with words!
    I'm glad I stopped by.

  2. I remember as a child I would always head outside just as a storm was brewing because I loved the feel of the wind around and against me! Thank you, Nichola, for bringing back this memory... And for another lovely Nature post! Beautiful photo.