Sunday, December 22, 2013

And so it begins!

We kicked off the seasonal celebrations last night with a quiet family dinner to celebrate the winter solstice. Just ignore the laundry on the back of the couch... or be extra nice pretend it makes the scene look even more homey :)

Here's this year's Yule Log that capped our little feast :) It was very yummy and there's hardly any left!

We are very fortunate and have had only a few flickers of disturbance to our power and one 10 minute spat. I'm knocking on wood and giving thanks that we've survived so far when soooooo many are in the dark and cold.

That darned ice sure is a sneaky thing! These branches are from the the kindling in our fire pit...

This pretty row of icicles is hanging from one of our portable chicken pens.

And this monster is coming out of our downspout!

Each of these globules is ice built up on one of those tiny little spike-ish leaves. Looks like a rather pretty icy flower.

But don't worry one bit about us. We've got bellies full of cake, we've got power, and we've got a good old Canadian wine cooler stocked with the nectar of the gods :)