Friday, January 10, 2014

Enough with the tomfoolery 2014!

I've been sick.

2014 has been a ten day string of ailments and aches. Kidney stones, killer germs and other assorted ick-nastiness literally one after the other. My sinus' have been alternating between being so clogged I have to pathetically breath out of my mouth and so dry and clear it's painful to inhale. I'll spare you the details of the other disgusting tricks my body has been up to.

Anyway, I'm out of bed today and feeling a bit better. Thank the gods for hot tea, good husbands and sweet little boys who make their own school lunch because 'mum isn't well'.

Because I've been sick, A LOT of holiday clean-up has been ignored. This includes the tree.

Note the Nerf darts from the great Christmas battle of 2013

Once proud and springy branches are now pointing downward and ornaments sliding off.  The only reason there aren't more needles on the floor is because I haven't dared touch the thing. Mr Pixie has said it's now a fire hazard. It's so dry in here that he's sure that the itchy dog is sure to start scratching, creating a spark, setting the tree alight!

By the time I clear the thing it'll just be bare twiggy-ness.

The job must be done. Today. With tissue firmly up my nose, and a fresh pot of tea (maybe a tipple of whiskey too boot) I will clear this mess and hopefully, magically, put 2014 in it's place.