Saturday, January 25, 2014

Strange Fluttering Afoot!

I'm certain something sneaky and mischievious was accidenltly shipped with my latest Alpha Stamps design team package. There was more rustling than usual and my supplies kept disappearing (entirely true!).


I kept seeing movement from the corner of my eye and hearing high-pitched titters when I danced around the living room on Thursday morning.

Finally, after many shenanigans, I spied her!

I even managed to coax her to pose for a photo with a few crumbs of banana bread.

Then, quick as you please, she was off like a shot! I haven't been able to find her since. I suspect she's in the pantry eating the chocolate chips.

Want to create your own fluttery friend? Here's the supply list:
January 2014 Kit - Romantic WomenJust Wings Collage Sheet  • WireAutumn Flower MixFoliage Bees Epoxy StickersCream Adhesive Pearls - 3mm