Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Teeny Weeny Sneaky Peeky 221B Update

Two blog posts in one day? Insanity!

I've already put in a fair few hours crafting for the new few little 221B tins that I'm working on. Despite my worries I'm having a very good time making them and I'm sooooo pleased. There were a few things about the original tin that bothered me so I'm chuffed to get a second chance to make a few improvements.

One of the things that irked me in the original was the skull on the mantle. It was really only skully enough to give the impression of a skull. The new ones are so much better. Here's one on the head of a match for size reference...

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of that little thing. I haven't finished the complete set because making them causes me to go slightly cross-eyed but I'm really happy with the few that are completed.

The set of Dr. Watson chairs on the other hand are ready to go.

And again I'm happy to be revisiting the project so that I can add teeny Union Jack pillows!

I'll be giving the Sherlock crafting (and my eyes) a rest for a day or two but will give another update as progress is made.

Later gators!