Monday, February 24, 2014

221B Update: Slippers, stacks and love

Still plugging away. This weekend was spent making little stacks of magazines, end tables, rugs, slippers, and mantle statues. There are still a few interior items to make like tiny pen knives, portraits and bat specimens.


Although the guts of 221B still need attention, I turned my focus to the exterior for a while. The original door numbers are very sweet and I rather like their handmadeness (my word, I'm keeping it) but I wanted something a little more polished for the new set.

Pardon the muddled and messy appearance, they are a bit wet and very much 'in progress' here. Scouring my usual crafty sources it was pretty clear that teeny weeny golden numbers were not going to be easily had. After a great deal of trial and error (mostly error of course) I hobbled together a 221B stamp and used gold embossing powder to create the numbers.

I am now deeply in love with embossing powder. Don't tell Cumberbatch, I wouldn't want him to get jealous :P