Friday, February 07, 2014

An odd bird crown to cheer a girl

I've been rather glum the past few days. Perhaps it's too much snow and not enough green. Maybe it was the bickering at the dinner table the other night (yes, the Pixies do bicker from time to time). The fact that the milk turned and there was none for my tea this morning certainly didn't improve my mood.

Something did cheer me a smidgen: a crown. An Odd Bird crown to be precise.

This months Alpha Stamps theme is inspiring me. It could be the fact that I identify with it, being a bit of an odd bird myself, or that it tugs at the soft spot in my heart reserved for fellow strange ducklings. Whatever the case may be, my plans to make a little brooch got out of hand and I've ended up with a crown.

I wore the thing around the house for quite some time. It cheered me. I'm thinking of tucking it somewhere safe so that I can pull it out when a morose Monday or terrible Tuesday rolls around. I'll wear it with my pajamas and drink root beer floats.

If you're keen on making your own, here are some of the supplies I used in making this little piece of lofty head wear: Mini Red Pip Berry Garland, Tiny Green Leaf Garland, Red Glittered Holly Berries, Bird Trinket Keepsake Kit , Petaloo Botanica Chantilly-Hydrangeas in Cream
Reality check: I never ever actually look like this. I'm always smudged, tumbled and befuddled.


  1. You, my dear, are one of my most favorite odd birds. <3 I think the gaggle of us odd birds should have a club... lolz.
    And your crown makes me so gleeful, that I think I'll have to make one of my own. I think mine will have a crow on it. =D
    Here's to a wonderful Saturday and Sunday. I hope your weather warms up soon, and hang in there, Spring IS coming.


  2. Your crown is beautiful...and you look beautiful! (Your hair!) It would be totally awesome to wear this while doing housework...or better yet in a waiting room while waiting for an appointment! Oh, the possibilities!

  3. Sending you happy cheer! You look quite stunning Miss Nichola!

  4. I love the way you think! I'm going to make a crown as well and wear it around the house just because it will make me happy.

  5. Wow! You look positively ethereal in your fabulous winter crown, like the Faerie Queen Herself!

  6. I love crowns; I love your birdie crown. We made very hungry caterpillar crowns at last week's library storytime; the letter C was the focus of our alphabet unit. We may make crowns again when we get to P for Princes & Princesses!

  7. there's an old wives tale that if fairies are unhappy they will spoil your cream ..

  8. ps. you look awesome in bird ;)

  9. Your sense of humour appeals to the crown, love the site, wouldn't be the same without your daily dose of fun :)