Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Works in progress and a strange riddle

This post is a mess and all over the place, please excuse the disaster and try to muddle through with me.

I finally finished off a batch of little Sherlock chairs for the new 221B tins. They seemed to take forever but they're a big improvement over the original. Here's a the new version...

Based on the The Le Corbusier Grand Confort LC3 chair used in the BBC series (Note: The below picture is swiped from Sherlockology which you should absolutely visit!)


They aren't an exact match but I'm pleased with how they've turned out.

I've also started work on this little painting. It's just a little 4x4 canvas. That's a mockingbird flapping about, a little nod to Littlefinger, my favourite GoT character (Tyrion, I love you too). The piece isn't finished yet and I'm not sure how I'll finish it off so it'll have to sit aside for a while...

Finally, the riddle.

A friend posted this photograph, challenged to identify the object. It is not sharp. It's parts do not move. Any ideas?

ETA: It's a button polisher!

I haven't a clue. I looked through an old catalogue I have here from 1904 to see if I could spy a similar object, but no luck. I did however find these gems...

A bit much, I know, but I have the sense of humour of a 12 year old boy.

30 gallons of pickles for $8.50? Bargain!