Thursday, March 06, 2014

Cleaning and an elf in training

I'm holed up, cleaning my studio today.

Yes. The mess maker is cleaning.

I have to because I can't find anything or move in my making space!

The cycle goes something like this: Make. Make. Make. Lose stuff. Make. Lose more stuff. Make. Can't find the floor. Clean.

One of the nice things about cleaning is discovering things you'd totally forgotten about. Like this fellow.

He'll make a very good elf one day.


  1. la joie des découvertes.. et du rangement

  2. I am familiar with this cycle except mine has a "buy more stuff to replace lost stuff" bit.

  3. This little post inspired my own ramblings today! Who has time for keeping it neat when there are so many wonders to create and indulge in?? :) And yes, I am sure that fellow will make a wonderful elf in your care!