Sunday, March 16, 2014


So we bought this wardrobe from an online auction. Our winning bid was $10. When we arrived at the auction site to pick it up we were asked if we were sure that we wanted the items we won. We assured them that, 'Um. Yes' Yes, we would gladly pay $13 for a wardrobe and working chest freezer.

This is that wardrobe.

It sat like this in my studio for a few days. The more I looked at it, the more it reminded me of a passage to Narnia. That was it! I was determined to transform this into some sort of gateway to a magical wonderland. Then my husband reminded me that the kid was without a closet in in his room and needed a place to hang his fancy clothes. Poof, just like that my Narnia dreams went up in smoke.

"Boy, what colour do you want your wardrobe?"


Ug. Not a fan of purple so I wait a few days and ask again because I KNOW the answer will be different. Sure enough, by the time we visit the paint section of the hardware shop he's changed his mind and to blue.

And as I'm painting the wardrobe whispers in my ear.... "I'm not a passage to Narnia you ninny, I'm a time and relative dimension in space." It's a TARDIS! I grab the boy and explain the situation to him. He's not entirely a Whovian but can certainly appreciate the situation that has presented itself.


Excellent! We have lift off. Permission to create a geek closet has been granted! And so we end up here... it's not completely done but its well on the way and I thought I'd share the progress.

The mirror and wood insert doors will be replaced over the next couple of weeks, as will the hardware. The kid is most excited about finding a light for the top. But what really matters is that the kid is happy and finally has a place to hang his suits (and hide his junk when I tell him to clean his room).

ETA: Here's a Tom Baker doctor portrait that I painted EONs ago. It's still floating around here somewhere.


  1. This is so incredibly cool! Sweetness.

  2. Ha ! He'll love it....I was brought up on Dr Who, looks authentique !

  3. I have not stopped thinking of this project since you first showed it. . . especially since I have been on such a nostalgic Tom Baker/Dr Who rush as of late! All I can say is, if only I had these adult skills as a child, I'd envision this Tardis wardrobe, but with the back cut out, in front of the door of my room so that when I'd enter it it would be, of course, bigger on the inside! lol

    Pure magic Nichola!

  4. Thanks all!

    Nicholas: Tom Baker will always be THE doctor in my mind. He was the one I remember from my childhood. That scarf! I actually did a portrait of him several years ago. I plonked it into the end of the post if you want a peek.

  5. Totally cool! I'm sure "the kid" will love it! What kid wouldn't!!
    now I'm off to find old episodes of Dr. Who!

  6. Ok. . .that painting is just TOO brilliant! :)

    In my mind too he is always my Doctor. And when I saw all the interviews he gave during the 50th anniversary week, I was truly in nostalgic tears. His delight, his smile, his wit and his obvious glee over how he is remembered and idolized. Dr. Who's should never get old.

    Yes, yes the scarf... oh how I wanted that scarf as a child!! Say, do you know that the scarf has it's own official website with the history and the yarn types etc etc. So delightfully geeky! :)