Monday, March 03, 2014

Graphic 45 Harry Potter Mashup

If the sorting hat were placed upon my head the last house I would be put into would be Slytherin. Most silly quiz results put me in Hufflepuff. (Not sure how I feel about that either but I'll take it.) But as soon as I saw this paper, Play Ball from Good Ol' Sport ...

... I immediately saw quidditch team colours for the serpenty Hogwarts house and HAD to make something Slythernish. (Slytherinesque? Slytherinny?)

I'm pretty sure that almost every Slytherin student would have a sneaky false book to hide things in. Using the new staples Book Box from Graphic 45 and papers from the Good Ol' Sport and Steampunk Spells collections I've done just that!

Each of those gears and cut out pieces on the cover are laser cuts from Gina's Designs.

Inside are magical bits and pieces tucked away for safe keeping.

A captured winged key made with Graphic 45 Staples

A bottle of Death Microbes... because it is Slytherin house afterall.

A box of owl treats

And a little reminder to support the house team!


Not being a sports inclined person at all, I'm pretty pleased that I was able to find a sporty use for Good Ol' Sport. And don't you dare say quidditch isn't a real sport! (Muggle!)

Supply List:
Good Ol' Sport:
Game Day
Play Ball
Big Score

Steampunk Spells:
Steampunk Spells
Vintage Voyage
Mechanical Marvels
Totally Wicked
Steampunk Spells Alphabet Stickers
Steampunk Spells Chipboard 2
Steampunk Spells Tags & Pockets

Book Box
Metal Butterflies
Ornate Metal Keys

Gina's Designs

Acrylic paint, glass bottles, pen and nib, crafty wirey bits, glue and all that other good stuff :)


  1. Your wonderful project and the mandrake reminded me of one of my favorite lines from the Potter books:when asked how you could tell if the mandrakes had entered the adolescent stage,Prof.Sprout said one could tell because they would become sullen and secretive.

  2. This is such an awesome project. What a fabulous use for this gorgeous paper line. The secret stash inside is delightfully Slytherinish. Thanks for the smile...and yes, quidditch is most definitely a sport.

  3. Thanks you two! I had a great time making this and just having goofy fun with it :-)

  4. OH I LOVE IT and love Harry Potter things as well. As soon as I saw one of your wee mandrakes, I thought that fit perfectly!!!!!! So much fun looking at it all! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. Wonder if there is a Doctor somewhere too?

  6. Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. Wonder if there is a Doctor somewhere too?

  7. that is so creative, i enjoy all the color and details!

  8. This is awesome! I can't say that even with my love of Harry Potter that I would have ever come you with that. Very creative. Love it.

  9. Totally creative, fun, and awesome! I got such a chuckle out of your commentary! Wonderful fun!

  10. LOVE it all.. Makes me miss HP all the more! Wish this stuff had been out about 10 yrs ago when I did a HP halloween party for my DD.. would have been awesome!

  11. Love it!!! What a fabulous project!

  12. OMG! LOVE it! Huge Harry Potter fan and so is my daughter.

  13. This is totally fabulous! So fun!

  14. Bravo! Well done my dear, just love it.

  15. Totally awesome. I love Harry Potter and this is just too cool!

  16. Gorgeous project! Love all the details on this!
    I haven't visited in a while and you've been doing some great works. Enjoyed the visit today...

    Gaby xo