Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Graphic 45 Typography Print Tray

It's National Craft Month in the good ol' USA and I'm proud to take part and spread the crafty love with Graphic 45 and this project...

...an altered print tray embellished with loads of fabulous junk (or 'la junque' if your pants are fancy) and the magnificently classically graphic Typography.

I love altering things, making assemblages and mixed media pieces. The process I go through when creating most of my mixed media pieces is almost always the same. Prep, base, gather, play, layer, finish! If you hop over to today's Graphic 45 blog post you can play along with an easy peasy tutorial!

Supply list:

Small wooden printer style tray
Acrylic paint
Ink pad
Misc items for embellishing: wooden spools, wire, twine, Glass Bottles and vintage vials, buttons, miscellaneous rusty bits, old pen nibs, metal letters, Tim Holtz Clock Keys, metal brads,  Reversible Round Metal Number Tiles, Scrabble tiles, metal corners


  1. Phenomenal! I love all of the detail in each cubby. Each one is a tiny work of art but when combined...love! I need to go and have another good snoop.

  2. I love your tray! Typography is one of my favorite collections from G45 and I love how you used it, and all the "junk" in this tray!

  3. Fabby junk! Love, love, love it!

  4. It is most definitely your attention to detail that helps create the magic in these pieces Nichola. Every time one looks, a new tiny, secret wonder seems to be there beckoning us. . . and was it really there all along? Or is that the magic of the pieces creating and revealing itself even as we view them?

    Pure magic!!

    PS La Junque . . . bien sur!! lol

  5. I'm curious what you use for adhesives. There are so many options with benefits and drawback. Thanks!

  6. Thanks so much everyone!

    NERD: I use all sorts depending on what is being glued to what. I keep trying E6000 because everyone raves about but we aren't friends just yet. I also use superglue, rubber cement, hot glue, tacky glue, jewelry glue and, most recently, Mod Podge. Perhaps the best advice I can give on sticky stuff is 'Don't skimp!' Spend the extra few dollars for better quality glue and it'll save a boatload of hassle.

  7. So beautiful! This Tray ROCKS!

  8. This is such a treasure of careful detail. Wonderful G-45 work, so inspiring. Keep smiling and creating