Friday, May 02, 2014

Authentique/Petaloo Beach Memory Keepsake

It never fails that when my family visit the beach we come home with some sort of souvinier. Sea shells and pretty stones, little things that mark the memory of our adventure. While pondering a summer/beach themed project I thought of the memories sparked by those little treasures and decided to give them a proper keeping place.

With an altoids style tin I've embellished the front with Authentique's "Guide" from their Anchored collection. 

Pretty white Forget Me Nots are paired with Botanica Petite’s in blue and accented with a tiny bit of Fancy Trim. All of those pieces come together with Sea Shell Pin accessories.

 Finally, a few sea shells are added as accents. The sides of the tin are embellished with strips of "Cruise".

Inside the tin is where we keep our memories safely tucked away.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that four little glass vials can fit snugly inside! Fill with small beach memories.

Using Authentique "details" stickers on the little glass vials, you can add the location and date that your beach findings were collected. Or, you could always fake it like I have and use Petaloo's bag of Sea Shells.

A few more stickers inside for the finishing touches and Voila! You've got a tidy little tin to keep your beach memories safe :)

Hop over to the Petaloo and Authentique blogs this week for some more great beach/summer themed projects and a chance to win fabulous products from these amazing companies :)

Supply list:
Forget Me Nots - White 1837Sea Shell Pins 1433
Fancy Trims - Taupe 1910
Botanica Petite’s - Blue/Purple/Green 1101Sea Shells
Authentique PapersAnchored Collection
> "cruise"
> "guide"
> "tranquil"
> "details"
OtherBlank Altoids TinCorked Vials