Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Given that we have 6 very cute baby ducks living with us at this very moment, I've been posting a slew of duckling photos on my facebook page. Tomorrow is the last day for the bombardment of cuteness that is "Baby Duck Week". Here are a few of my favourite pics of the 'lings.

The handsome fellow starring in most of those pictures is Petyr, Master of the Quack, Head of House Peep Peep. Today is his 1 week hatchday!

The darker duckling standing in the teacup is Bene. Here he is just a day hatched...

Bene had a bit of a struggle getting out of his shell and as a result dinged up his bill. Don't worry, he's fine and dandy now :) 

There's more pics over my facebook page if you'd like to check the whole bunch.