Sunday, July 06, 2014

A Hatless Hatters Tea

Our open house was today. It was a sort of mad dash because the weather has not been entirely cooperative and a slew of rain cost us a boatload of setup time. Consequently... unfortunately... loads of Alice details were missing from our Mad Hatter's Tea. It's disappointing because I KNOW that the details are everything.

Those imperfections are hard to swallow. They stress me out. They make me short and gruff with the kid. My amazing kid! This kid who was such a tremendous help and makes me so so proud.

Those imperfections make me crazy! I wonder how disappointed visitors are. I dwell on the things that didn't make it out of my head. I have to tell myself "It's a nice afternoon. It's free and family friendly. Do the kids that visit care?"

Nope. They're pleased as can be to look at houses in trees...

To discover sleeping baby pixies cocooned in old stumps...

To spy fairy tea parties...

To peek at the Mud Pit ...

 And hopefully get some fairy mail too!

The most important people, my littlest visitors, didn't care one bit that my Mad Hatter's Tea was completely hatless :)

If you'd like to visit the studio or wander the fairy garden it'll be set up through September. Just shoot me a message to let me know when you'd like to stop by. I'm usually available but it's best to make sure I'm not in pajamas when you arrive. At least 48 hours notice is required if you'd like fairy mail waiting for you.


  1. There are those that know how to play and those that think play is only for children. I'm so very glad that your wonderful mind and imagination have brought your playful child loving self into the world to brighten a spot for so many, many who need to believe. You are a treasure, with or without a hat. Most especially in tweed and barefoot, I would imagine. So much love and admiration is sent your way this "day after" the tea. Oma Linda

  2. I wish I lived nearer ... I'd be there and although you saw the hats were missing I'm sure no one else did... or maybe the fairy's were playing a trick on you and hid them ) I'm sure a lot of little people went home with beautiful dreams of fairy's... hugs Wendy

  3. You create MAGIC everyday Nichola. . . and while I completely and truly understand the detailed oriented soul you are. I will say that I believe the greater magic is in the intent and the truth of the soul that sends it into the world. . . and the pictures show that there is no shortage of that magic in YOU.

    Thank you too for your recent note. I am back and raring to go again. Let the magic flow. . .


  4. Absolutely magical, Nichola! I so wish I lived closer so I could visit. You are such an inspiration! You show me that the magic is there; I just need to take a breath and look for it.

  5. Nichola ,
    If I lived closer I would surely come for a visit!
    And how exciting for those children to be among your enchanting fairies land!!! Looks like fun was had by all! A wonderful job! xo

  6. These pics so make me want to jump on a plane and fly east! Enchanting!

    I'm sure the kids didn't notice a thing missing - it looks fabulous!

  7. Nichola,
    Your overwhelming love for the Arts and your immense passion for what you believe in and do through your Art flows directly through your heart, to the end results of your creations. Every piece you make, every event you hold is nothing more than perfection. No matter what you may feel you missed, no matter how nervous or worried you may feel, no one will ever know as they are enveloped in pure imagination, enchantment, fantasy, whimsy and unquestionably in awe of your amazing talent. You are truly an inspiration to all.