Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A simple Petaloo crown

I love crafting with kids! They are a lot of fun to work with and sometimes they come up with the most brilliant ideas. Plus, in general, kids love glue as much as I do :)


For this sweet summer crown I've simply taken a length of wide Crochet Lace Fancy Trim and glued on loads of pretty bright Petaloo Floradoodles and Velvet Butterflies. (Tip: Work on top of a length of waxed paper to avoid sticking.) Once dried I secured the ends. Easy peasy!

You can speed things along with hot glue... just be careful of little fingers! (Pssst, if you're in a pickle you can always use a length of paper as the base instead.)


How much fun would this be to wear to garden party or summer picnic? I think I'll make another fit just for me :)

Crochet Lace Fancy Trim in Fuschia 1482-127
Petaloo Floradoodles Fabric and Glitter 50 piece Pack
Petaloo Floradoodles Velvet Butterflies

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