Saturday, July 26, 2014

Easy Breezy Fairy Garden with Petaloo

This sweet fairy garden is simple enough for children to take the lead and make creative decisions with just a little assistance.


For my base I've used the lid of a small kraft cardboard box. For the lawn I've cut a green dish scrubbing pad to fit and glued it into place. You can build your fairy garden on (or in) almost anything.


Next, I wrapped the sides of my box with Petaloo Fancy trims. Tip: use Score-tape or other double sided tape to speed things along and avoid the drying time of glue.


A short piece of Small White Picket Fence is added. You could make your own out of toothpicks, popcicle sticks or even twigs. I've applied it with hot glue... be very wary of little fingers near that sticky molten mess!


Now for the fun part. Adding the blooms!


Keep adding and layering Floradoodles and Velvet Hydrangeas. Scrunch them up, fold them, squish them into place! I also added some Petaloo Brads and Petaloo Floradoodles Velvet Butterflies to my little garden.


I included a tiny cottage which I stole from a wooden train set, but you don't need to include one at all (more room for flowers!). For the finishing touch I've put a stone path leading up to the door. To create the path I simply squirted a squiggle of white glue and sprinkled fine gravel over it. When dried I shook the excess loose. You could just as easily glue a path of pebbles or even a trail of sweets :)


And that's it! A simple little project that little hands can take big part in :) Be sure to hop over to the Petaloo blog for more great kid crafts.

Velvet Hydrangeas
Petaloo Brads
Petaloo Floradoodles Velvet ButterfliesPetaloo Fancy trims

Small kraft box (or base of your choosing)Green scrubbing pad
Small White Picket Fence
Tiny house
Fine gravel