Friday, September 26, 2014

A spooky little something with Petaloo

Autumn has arrived. The leaves are just starting to turn, the evenings are getting cooler, and while these things may turn the thoughts of many to sweaters and apple cider... my mind races with witches and pumpkins!

Halloween is a big deal in my household. I gladly jump at any opportunity to make something for that holiday. Any chance to add more Halloween to my decor! So I present this little piece of hanging Halloween.

The base of this little round shrine is a round cardboard lid. I've wrapped the exterior with some black Crochet Lace Trim then embellished with a combination of black Burlap Blossoms, Textured MiniBlossoms, MixedTextured Layers and lavender Botanica Blooms.

A spider ring crawling through the pretty blooms, and plastic toy bones, add a good dose of creepy. I've also added a vintage image and a spooky sentiment clipped from the pages of a terrible book. And aren't those little pumpkins amazing? They're actually seed pods!


Here's my supply list, but don't let it limit you! I think those black and purple blooms are just about the most perfect Halloween combination, but orange and white would also make for some spooktacular festive decor.

Crochet Lace Fancy Trim Black SKU: 1482-148Burlap Blossoms Black SKU: 1200-209
MixedTextured MiniBlossoms Black SKU: 1263-209
MixedTextured Layers Black SKU: 1257-209
Botanica Blooms Lav/Purple SKU: 1102-107

Cardboard lid
Black acrylic paint
Glitter and star sequins
Vintage 'witch' image
Pumpkin pods
Toy spider, fence and skeleton