Monday, September 15, 2014

Be bright

I created this set of collages for an anti-bullying challenge on fb. They are gentle reminders to be kind to one another... and to ourselves.

It saddens me that bullying is an issue in a 'grown-up' setting. Children act out, perhaps unable to fully comprehend that their actions, their words, have an impact on those around them...

... but as grown ups we should be empathetic toward others (even to those we only encounter through a screen). We should strive to be kind, to be understanding, to lift up those who feel low.

And while there may be some rotten apples, people who thrive like a virus on drama and hurt feelings, there are far more sweet ones and tender souls. We're all just doing our best, each one of us.

Be kind. Be warm. Your thoughtfulness may be the bright spot in someone else's darkness.

Be good to yourselves too and don't let others dim your light.