Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just call me Chatty Cathy

Miss Tigerlily Cribbs asked me if I might answer some questions for She is a cutie-patootie, and lovely as can be, so I was happy to comply.

Some snippets:

What are your ultimate tips for aspiring artists trying to make it?
Be kind. Support and promote fellow artists that you admire.
Create every single day. Be prolific.
Remember, you’re allowed to say “no”.
Respect and value your own work.
Engage and appreciate your audience.

If you were a fairy, what would your fairy persona be?
I would absolutely be a house brownie. I’d steal sweets from the pantry but I’d also check on sleeping children and shoo mice away.

What do you think the art industry needs more of today?
Humility & sparkles.

What piece of your work would you most like to shack up in?
Probably “Leon’s Window”, because I have a huge crush on Jean Reno and we’d live there together of course (though I could do without the gunfire).  Or “Godefroy’s Bookshop” – because books!

What are your top 3 essential crafting products that you would recommend?
I represent some truly amazing craft companies and I love their products, but don’t ever think that you need anything more than a sharp cutting tool, quality glue and a bit of creativity to get started. Those are the essentials. You absolutely do not need fancy products!

The full interview can be found HERE.