Monday, September 01, 2014

Lace Wrist Cuff for Tresors de Luxe

I've been waiting to create this project since joining the Tresors de Luxe design team. A pretty wrist cuff made with those fabulous laces!

I've used three types of lace in this piece, layering them all together and added a snip of ivory ribbon. The piece has been aged with a bit of coffee so that I can make up a story about this being found in the bottom drawer of a dusty dresser. I've stiffened the cuff with slightly with a light application of starch.

I think this buzzy little bee charm is a perfect Victorian-esque accent.

And the addition of this filagree clasp closure is the perfect finishing touch.

Supply list:
Lace Trim, Ivory Lace Fabric GL-016 Ivory Embroidered Fabric Lace Trim LA-092Ivory Cotton Venice Lace Embroidered Lace Trim LA-0Filagree clasp closureAntique Brass Wreath 
Medium Bee CharmIvoryRibbon