Thursday, September 18, 2014

Typography Sky Pirate Zeppelin

I’ve been meaning to expand my fleet of amazing flying machines so and when I created the template for my Old School Rocket, I knew this project was in my future. 

The shape of the rocket body can easily double as a zeppelin. The addition of a paper boat, trims, chains, gears and propellers turns the rocket into a fabulous sky pirate vessel. 

The images and colours of Typography lend themselves perfectly to steampunk projects so it was a natural choice. The ‘rope’ used to attach the boat to the zeppelin is a sturdy gardening wire that has a natural jute covering. Hot glued firmly into place, these ‘ropes’ keep everything exactly where it should be without causing too much stress to the paper. 

Copper, brass and bronze accents are in keeping with the steampunk feel. A bit of metallic acrylic paint can transform chipboard with very little effort. Distress with an old ink pad and you can add years to those new ‘metal’ gears and cogs. 

I added a couple of small light bulbs which should be easily available (I got mine from the grocery store!) and a snip of tea stained cheesecloth to the inside of the boat. Finally I glued an eye pin in the top so that my little vessel can hang proudly and fight off any lightning thieves.

Ornate Metal Label Holder

Copper Chain
Copper acrylic paint
Gina’s Design Chipboard Propeller, Gears and wings
Small light bulbs
Gardening wire

Psst... jump over to the Graphic 45 blog and check out the gorgeous boat posted by Miranda Edney.


  1. I was hoping you could lead me in the right direction for a good source of templates or tutorial for your boat? Ive scoured You Tube for several months looking for a boat. I have yet to find what Im looking for but yours comes as close as I can hope to find.Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I found a wood one at Retro Art Café but think it might be to heavy for what Im planning. Thanks...and beautiful work, I always look forward to see what you will come up with next.

  2. Magnifique, somptueux, j'adore

  3. TOO Bloody Cool!!! This creation is absolutely brilliant Nichola!!

  4. Nichola, you never cease to AMAZE me!!!!!! Love it! I have never been "into this kind of transporation" but your balloons and boats, etc make me want to make one!!!!!

  5. Teri, you can find a simple tute here: