Thursday, October 16, 2014

Toilet Humour

Things have been kinda quiet around here lately. Sorry about that. I've been swamped with non-arty/crafty things like Canadian Thanksgiving and cleaning my house. Me? Cleaning? I know it's odd but I have a boatload of family from overseas spending the night tomorrow. Sure they say "Oh, don't worry! Don't go out of your way!" Pfft! I don't know about your family, but when guests are expected my family goes insane with the prep and cleaning. Just look at this...

Not only is that toilet clean, but I installed a new seat (believe me, it needed to be done) and even recalked around the bottom. I'm going to need a mental health day after this visit.

To be honest, my bathroom is the one place in this house that is usually clean. (Probably because I don't craft in there.) HOWEVER... I had guests over one day and a gentleman asked to use the restroom. I showed him to this very toilet and he came out moments later and looked rather shaken. I didn't think anything of it until later when I lifted the seat to clean.... it was an absolute horror show! It looked like Mr. Hanky the Christmas poo had hosted a conga line around the blasted thing. I was mortified.

Anyway, things will continue to be quiet for a few more days while I drive myself to madness, pretend to be the hostess with the mostess for a night, and spend three days in recovery :P

I'll leave you with another gem from my 1912 Hallowe'en Games book...