Sunday, December 21, 2014

Regal Christmas Crown and Gift Giving with Petaloo

Over my years of gift giving I have learned that a) Men love socks b) Children appreciate money and candy c) Every woman should have a crown. Don't get me wrong. There are giftees who do not fit within these generalizations... but these prezzies are more often appreciated than not.
Paper Crown for Petaloo by Nichola Battilana
I've been on a total crown kick this year. I love making them. I love wearing them. There's something magical that happens when someone dons a bit of fancy royal headwear. The wearer will smile, giggle and immediately begin to act regally! It's a wonderful transformation.
Paper Crown for Petaloo by Nichola Battilana
I think crowns are amazing gifts. With a bit of paper and some pretty blooms you can say "You are so special and important you deserve a crown!" and encourage silliness and joviality at the same time. They are something totally frivolous but symbolize esteem, importance and beauty.
Paper Crown for Petaloo by Nichola Battilana
I've listed my supplies below, but if you're going to make a crown for someone you admire try to create one that suits them and celebrates their personal tastes and flair. I'd wager it makes them feel pretty good :)