Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Regifted Christmas Jar

Last year I received a number of these jars filled with candy. The candy is long gone but the jars are still kicking about my kitchen. When Alpha Stamps announced their House Ornament Kit for December I thought I'd create a fun little wonderland to re-gift the jar.

The wide mouth of the jar made it easy to slip over the contents. There's quite a bit going on in there! Bottle brush trees, a house, Santa... there's even a snowman tucked in the side :)

Note: How the heck have I been missing out on Stickles? Glitter that stays put?!?! I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more projects using that glorious stuff from me.

Anyway, this may not be the most sophisticated project. But it sure was fun to make and I don't think the recipient will mind the 'regifting' one bit.

Large mouth glass jar
House Ornament Kit

Glitter Houses Add-On Kit
White glitter


  1. That is such a clever and sweet idea!

  2. Absolutely delightful Nichola!!xo

  3. It's adorable! And I can't believe you haven't used Stickles before. Be careful, they are addicted! You will soon need to devote an entire shelf in your craft room to the little bottles. :)

  4. I came over from the Alpha Stamps newsletter I get in my email, Nichola. This is such a great idea! I love how you put it all together. I have never heard of Stickles either, but I am definitely going to be looking for this now.

  5. Oh I just LOVE Little Worlds! Especially little Christmas worlds. This is sweet!

  6. Adorable! Is ghat some sort of fabric on the top? Thanks for sharing!