Sunday, January 04, 2015

One Little Thing - Era

I strongly believe that creativity breeds itself. The more you do and make, the more ideas and inspiration will follow. And so, every Sunday I'll be posting a creative prompt, a challenge for you to spend just a few moments being creative over the following week.

You DON'T have to make something big or elaborate. This challenge is about removing the excuse "I don't have time" and dedicating few minutes to being creative. It's also about giving value to, and recognizing, creativity and inspiration in all it's forms. A poem, photograph, idea list, ATC, doodle, inchie, sketch, card, painting, inspiration board, altered something-or-other... ANYTHING you create from scratch with the theme in mind is a success. 

This week's prompt is "Era"

You're challenge this week is to explore a favourite time period. The roaring 20's, groovy 70's, Victorian, Roman, wild west... the future. It's all fair game.

You may want to think about what appeals to you about certain eras. What are the colours, themes, textures, images, vocabulary, and events that shape that period?

Remember, there is no wrong interpretation... the only thing that matters is that you spend a few moments focused on, and exploring, creatively.

Good luck! and have fun :)