Sunday, January 11, 2015

One Little Thing - Hero

This week's prompt is "Hero"

Have you always wanted to be a super hero? Maybe you know a real life hero? This week take a few minutes to create one little thing with a 'hero' theme.

Design a super hero costume, write a list of essential utility belt gadgets, take a photo of your every day hero. There is no incorrect way to complete this task. The important thing is to focus and think creatively about the theme... and enjoy yourself!

**You DON'T have to make something big or elaborate. This challenge is about removing the excuse "I don't have time" and dedicating few minutes to being creative. It's also about giving value to, and recognizing, creativity and inspiration in all it's forms. A poem, photograph, idea list, ATC, doodle, inchie, sketch, card, painting, inspiration board, altered something-or-other... ANYTHING you create from scratch with the theme in mind is a success. **


  1. Thanks, Nichola, for these weekly prompts! I love your ideas for doing one little (or big!) something to get the creative mojo flowing. YOU are my HERO! :^>

  2. I love this theme. I too am on it!!

    This inspired me to create a figurine from my faerie realm who is a mouse/hero. :) I'll post pics/story on my blog later this week when his whiskers are dry enough to photograph. :)