Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Faeries, Frocks and Godmothers

With the arrival of the glorious spring weather the faeries have come out of hiding and hibernation. I thought it might be a good time to talk about them, the fair folk, and share some faerie truths.

When one thinks of faeries they often imagine tiny winged pretty ladies either scantily clad or clothed in frilly frocks.

Faerie Frocks - Nichola Battilana

While it is true that in the throes of summer many fae opt for minimal covering (they don't have air conditioning after all), I am assured they do not pose with arched backs nor push their bosom forward seductively. That said, please beware that there ARE several varieties of faerie who like to lure men into harms way. Long story short, if you happen upon a sexy faerie, tis best to run in the opposite direction.

Now, about those frilly frocks...

Faerie Frock - Nichola Battilana
Five inch frock worn by Miss Gwendoline Twinkle during the strawberry harvest festival of 1913.
Frilly frocks and pretty dresses are rarely worn by the fair folk. The little people usually prefer clothing that is comfortable and practical. The above dress and slippers fit neither category. There is an exception to this general rule: Fairy Godmothers.

Faerie Frock - Nichola Battilana
Full 6" dress, boots, hat and wand from the closet of Miss Mulberry Threadbare.
While Fairy Godmothers are soft hearted and mostly very nice and down to earth, there is a recent trend among the younger faction to wear large ornamental dresses and completely impractical footwear. The appeal seems to be gaining momentum through the ranks of Godmotherhood, extending as far as the matronly Eldermothers.

While many faerie folk believe these dresses to be ostentatious and showy (some rolling their eyes at the mere mention of them) they also know that there is no harm in it. 

The general consensus is "So long as their job is done, let them look as silly as they like."

The frocks pictured above will be on display at Pixie Hill throughout the summer. You can find the current "Open House" schedule HERE.


  1. Very lovely little dresses~the faeries will LOVE them.

  2. Delightful and so fairy-ish!! Looks like you had a wonderful time sewing for your wee friends!

  3. You are incredible!!As are these teeny tiny frocks!
    What more can I say?!! xx

  4. FANTASTIC and so creative, I love them. Thanks for the inspiration, I might try to create one myself. Hugs, Glenda

  5. Are you going to post a tutorial for this dresses ? I would love to make some of my own ! Thank You for sharing so pretty !!

  6. WoW WoW WoW,how stunning and beautiful are this little dresses.
    No eyes enouph to looke at your new creation!!!
    Are you gone make a tutorial please!!
    You do iT evewry time again and again WoW so beautiful I have no words enouph for yor fantastic creations.
    Thank you so muth for sharing iT with us.
    PS. Have you no place for my for 1month please to see you creating (lol)
    Mvg Gina Belgium