Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Padfoot Gets a Treat: Barkn Up the Green Tree

Something a little different today... our dear pooch, Padfoot, will be taking over. He was asked to do a review of some treats by Bark'n Up the Green Tree and since he doesn't have his own blog... well, you get the picture.

Bark'n Up the Green Tree, produces holistic vegan, gluten and nut free dog treats. She also creates cute (I mean really cute) hand-crafted apparel, collar accessories and collars from up-cycled and re-purposed materials. Paula, the creator behind Bark'n, is super nice too ;)

First we tried 'Rootalious' containing ingredients to "improve digestion and skin allergies" like sweet potato, carrots and coconut oil.

Pads could not wait to try it. 

Next up 'Garlic and Peppercorn' to "help against allergies". 

Having terrible allergies to just about everything (including chicken and his own dander), Padfoot was super excited about this one also!

The last one we sampled was 'Sparkling Fresh' with ingredients to freshen your furry friends dog breath.

So, how did the tasting go? 

Let's be honest, Padfoot IS a dog so he's pretty easy to please when it comes to treats but he definitely has preferences. We gave him a good sample of each to try first, then laid a bit of each for him to pick what he liked best. He quickly swooped in and grabbed the Rootalious and took off like shot to eat it in peace before gobbling up the others... but that might have been because it was the biggest piece and he is a greedy bugger.

In a blind test, where he could only smell the treats, he chose the 'Sparkling Fresh'.

Like I said, he's a dog and easy to please, and I knew he'd enjoy them. But then this happened....

I found Padfoot in the kitchen staring and bag of leftovers on the table. I'd say that's a pretty big seal of approval!

Feeling a bit bad for the old boy we gave him a few more pieces. He's usually pretty good at holding treats on his nose but failed miserably this time, preferring to gobble up the goods rather than impress us.

Padfoot's verdict? It's safe to say he loved his Bark'n Up the Green Tree treats. If you've got a furry friend please check them out and support an amazing small business.

P.S. I should mention that my kid thought they sounded so good he also tried the treats. He didn't like them as much as Pads but I reminded him they are for dogs, not boys.