Monday, July 20, 2015

Slow progress on another house

I've slowly been tinkering with this house for a couple of months now.

Progress has been pretty slow... other things keep distracting me.

But it's starting to com together.

The outside is coming along nicely.

Little by little.

The inside has taken quite a bit of pondering. There are a number of things I want to include but I can't quite make out where this one is going just yet.

One thing I KNEW I needed was magazines. So most of today was spent designing some fairy godmother titles to be strewn about the place. There's GQ (Glitter Quarterly), Fairy Godmother Romance, Dwelling, Petals & Blooms, Wing & Wand, Beau Monde (for fairy fashions) and Godmother Weekly. And yes, they do open...

**Edited: The magazine download is now available in the etsy shop and there's also a tutorial to help you along.**

P.S. Hope you're fine and dandy and that life is being kind to you.