Saturday, September 26, 2015

Two Haunted Houses for AlphaStamps

More spookiness today. This time little cardboard houses!
Altered Art Haunted Houses - Nichola Battilana
These were a lot of fun to make. It made me realize how much I miss altered art paper crafting. The best thing about this type of crafting is that you really don't need much to get started, but can get as elaborate as you choose. I digress. HERE is the Haunted House Kit I used.

Altered Art Haunted Houses - Nichola Battilana

With an old story book in hand I clipped words to create ooky snippets. If you don't have time (or the inclination) to scour a book for wicked little sayings, AlphaStamps has put together a collage sheet.

Altered Art Haunted Houses - Nichola Battilana

You may notice a few spider webs on the peak of the house above and covering the fence on the piece below. Can you guess what they are made from? Hot glue! For once I've created hot glue strands and fly-aways on purpose to create those webs.
Altered Art Haunted Houses - Nichola Battilana

I think these two little weirdos are my favourite.

Altered Art Haunted Houses - Nichola Battilana

And I use the term weirdo in the most endearing way!

Happy haunting lovely crafters!

Supply List:
September kit: Haunted House
Haunted House Add-On Kit
Cream Adhesive Pearls 
Halloween Owl Cameo*

Or simply click here for all of the supplies in one place :)


  1. The weirdos are pretty spectacular. Beautiful art, as always!

  2. These are fabulous. I need that kit now. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great hot glue trick, you clever girl.

  4. I had to put off making my creepy houses (I purchased the kits and collage sheets), as my 86 yr old Mom fell in the shower Tuesday morning and fractured 5 ribs! Two days in ICU but she's home now under my watchful care, day and night...just call me Nurse Rachett! LOL....that's what she calls me when I make her get up and walk a little. Poor thing. Love what you did with your houses:)

    1. Oh no! I hope she'll be ok. Sounds like she's getting some good care (even if she isn't thrilled about it lol)

  5. Very cool Nichola!! Love your style!! xx