Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Holiday Tradition for Petaloo - Clothespin Fairies

We celebrate both Yule and Christmas in our household and we have a number of traditions that go along with them. There are the regular things like putting up a tree, decking the halls, feasting and making merry. There's also our yearly argument about how many cookies the Pixie men are allowed to add to the cookie request list. A small tradition I keep is to make a small sweet craft, just a little something, to enjoy during the holiday madness. For a number of years that craft has been clothespin dolls.
In the past I've made peg soliders and winter talisman charms. This year I've made some acorn topped fairies.

The frilly little things look pretty darned cute in their Petaloo flower frocks. The frocks are most easily made with layered elements like the DIY-Daisy Layers or Mixed Textured Blossoms.

Paint your pegs first, with rosy cheeks and striped leggings. Then, simply snip a little hole in the centre of the flower layer, push onto the peg and glue into place. Multiple layers make for a nice full skirt.

Vintage velvet holly leaves make a very nice skirt too!

Add little Sugared Mini Blooms or as many flowers as your fairies demand.

A little acorn cap, a set of wings and your wee fairies are ready to fly and make someone's holiday a tiny bit brighter.

Supply list:
Fairy Wings
Wooden Clothespins/Clothespegs
Acrylic craft paint
Acorn Caps*