Sunday, December 06, 2015

Fairy Footprints, Blessings & Curses

I am fortunate to have a good relationship with the fair folk. It is a relationship built on respect and deference. A relationship that has spanned years and across miles.

Fairy Footprints from Pixie Hill - Nichola Battilana

These little fossilised footprints appeared in my studio a while ago but I've been hesitant about posting them. 

An old fairy nudged me tonight and whispered in my ear, "When are you going to show them off? When will you show off what we have done?!" I sighed and told him that I was reluctant. I explained that I didn't want people to steal our work, our ideas, and call them their own, but that it made me sad not to share what we created together.

Fairy Footprints from Pixie Hill - Nichola Battilana

"I see." He frowned, scratched his whiskered chin, then winked at me. "We will cloak our work in fairy magic. A blessing to some, a curse to others. That is the way of the little people."

Fairy Footprints from Pixie Hill - Nichola Battilana

And so it was done, a fairy blessing and a fairy curse upon our makings.

Those who share the magic freely with their friends as gifts or tokens of affection, with respect and reverence, will be blessed with a stroke of fairy luck. 

But those with greedy hearts, filled with insolence and laziness, seeking profit which is not their due, will mark themselves with the black stoke of misfortune and fairy havoc.

Let's hope there are blessings a-plenty and few (if any!) cursed by fairy mischief.

Fairy footprint fossils are available in five different sizes ranging from 1.25" to 3" and are listed HERE.