Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Drunken gnomes and other guests

I opened the door this morning to find this mess on the front stoop.

The gnomes have arrived at Pixie Hill. 

For a gang of messy drunks they are actually pretty quiet. Hopefully I can convince them to move the celebrations to another part of the property because this is not a good first impression.

They aren't the only new arrivals here...

The garden is dotted with loads of new (and newly renovated) fairy houses.

Some of them are quite fancy! I'm almost certain that No.21 Pixie Hill is the home of a house brownie. It's just the right size and is very neatly kept.

Although we don't often get to see and chat with the wee folk, it sure is nice to know that they are here and that they have returned for another season.