Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Old photos, my granny and the internet

Something very cool happened yesterday. My first cousin two times removed (or is it 2nd cousin 1 time removed?), whom I have never met and don't know in the least, sent some old photos of my gran as a wee girl.

Above she is sitting on the mayor's left knee (your right) during King George V's Jubilee celebrations.

And here she is at the head of the table, assisted by the mayors wife.

Now, I clearly remember visiting someones house and seeing a video game for the first time. Imagine being awestruck by Pong. So I'm sort of an oldie and still amazed by the connective power of the internet. The ability it gives us to travel miles and years. To share information and memories.

I realize that sometimes it seems the interwebs is full of stinkers... but it can be pretty nice place too :)


  1. How incredible is this? Such frozen moments in time. . . that would be the 30's yes?

    And I agree, despite my own feelings about the "stinkers" the internet is a tool at the hands of whatever the chosen force is. In this case. . . just beautiful sharing and remarkable meaning.

    Pong! Wait, was that the same as MY first video game experience, the Pong with the green see-thru game field you had to tape up, unless the old TV screen's static charge (that's long gone too isn't it?) held it in place, to the tv screen?? I was so wee then but I'll never forget it!

    These are treasured photos Nichola. . . so glad you have them! :)

  2. how fortunate to have such delightful photos of your grandmother!

  3. How wonderful to have these photos of your gran,Nichola!!
    Were your great grans celebrities in the town? How is it your Gran is with the mayor and wife? So cool I am so glad you shared!!
    and yes, the internet is such a great way to connect!! xx

    1. I have no idea why she was with the mayor! But I do hope it's a good story :)

  4. you could write a novel based on that top photo

  5. In those days every area would have what we would call block parties to celebrate events of the day, holidays , wedding parties, etc. Probably the Mayor and his wife were making the rounds getting his 2bits in for the next election. Your Grans parents should be in the picture somewhere. The date would be sometime between 6 May-12 May 1935, as that was when The
    Silver Jubilee was celebrated. Your gran and the other little girl was probably the youngest children on this street. If you wanted to follow up on this the UK has a vast amount of records on everything. What a great bit of history you have, not only for your family, but for the city/town/village as a whole. Thanks for sharing.

  6. PS :The 2ed picture looks as if there is a childs tea is about to happen.
    was that day of the list also maybe your grans birthday?