Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rain, toadstools and a WIP

We've had a spot of rain here and the lawn is becoming green and lush once again. Good thing too because the crispy crunchy brown expanse was not doing a thing for me. All the rain has also brought our faeires out of hiding. They've been dancing across through the garden and leaving toadstools in their footsteps.

The one below is called an Earthstar. They are some of my favourites. From wikipedia "The Blackfoot of North America called the fungus "fallen stars", considering them to be stars fallen to the earth during supernatural events" I love seeing them sprout each year near the tire swing, and am always certain they are an omen of something good.

Even the old mushy things are lovely in their own way.

Despite my lack of posts I have been working. Lately I find myself prepping items and then becoming stumped. There's a log jam of ideas trying to get out... but not a heck of a lot is flowing through. That said, this appeared on my table yesterday....

Which got a slap of paint and turned into this last night...

And I *think* I know what it is, but we'll see where the making takes me today.

Hope you're feeling beautiful today...  because you are. Truly.


  1. Thank you for sharing the beauty of "the Hill" with us all Nichola. A popping of mushrooms must be a sign of goodness and certain magic!!

    And I have to laugh as my work table often gets cluttered with WIP pieces that suddenly overtake the space. . . like an army of their own making, they seem to gather. . . perhaps they need a name. "The Order of the Unfinished" or "The Haf'dunn Guild" or some such silliness. . .

    Hoping the making goes well for you today. . . as always. :)

  2. the way it looked before and after the darker interesting already! TFS...create away! :)

  3. It must be the climate - we don't get toadstools here - no matter how much rain or how humid it is. I envy you your crop - I love them and you have some real beauties!

    Love the shrine you're creating! Especially like the way you use the laser cuts as trims - I have to remember that piece of inspiration! (and those colors - zowie! - so luscious!

  4. Love all of your posts, even when you don't have any projects to share:) All the best to you and yours:)