Monday, October 31, 2016


It's Halloween! Wheee! I'm rather excited. It feels like there's an extra bit of magic in the air.

I didn't decorate the house this year, but I did managed an altar on top of the mantle. It's the one thing I make certain happens.

Besides looking lovey and festive, it serves as a place to put offerings to the spirits and gods we honor. There are plenty of libations this year, nice chocolate, pretty flowers and more bits and bobs. The candles were dancing like crazy when I lit them... I hope it means that those visiting from the other side of the veil are just as excited as I am.

As usual I'll be dolled up as a witch today... but this year I'm representing the light and sparkly variety. They seem to take a back seat every year and that's a shame... because glitter.

It may not look like it in this pic but I am DOUSED in glitter here. Absolutely covered in the stuff! If you need to find me over the next few days, just follow the trail of sparkles.

Happy Halloween my pretties. I love you dearly.


  1. xoxo to all the inhabintants of Pixie Hill. Oma Linda

  2. Nichola you are a Halloween glitter angel! Always a joy to read your posts. Have fun and mischief tonite. xoxo

  3. Love you, Sparkle Witch. You cast a happy spell on my computer every day. Many thanks.

  4. I LOOOVE your alter!! Mine never seems to change... I have all my favorite special goodies up year round... Maybe one of these years ill try some risky variety!! I love your blog and crafts BUNCHES!!! Thanks for taking us along for the ride.
    Merry meet.

  5. many happy returns to you as well,princess witch of all the fairies!
    (had to get all the names in!)xx

  6. What a lovely and special altar - Martha Stewart would proclaim it a good thing, indeed!
    Love your white-light-and-glitter witch costume - I can't tell if your wand/scepter is a wooden spoon with a hole in it, or if it's a crescent moon - either way, it's lovely!
    Most Happy Hallowe'en and Blessed Samhein to you and all the creatures - human and otherwise! - of Pixie Hill!

  7. I decorated, but half-assedly. My altar happened in the kitchen this year, because I seem to always be there lately. ;) A belated Happy Halloween to the Sparkly Good Witch of the North and her wacky dudes.

  8. Although I don't always comment, I always follow. Love you mantel and you do have the best ideas!!!
    I have also bought from you - love your work Sugar!!
    Wish I could find some of those tea cups like the faerie house one I bought from you.
    Sandy xx

  9. Belated Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhein! Love your altar and your "white light" witch. I also didn't decorate this year except for my black Halloween tree and my altar. This is up year round in my bedroom and I change it every month. I did my Day of the Dead altar in the dining room. Always a treat stopping by your blog.

  10. A belated Happy Halloween! I carved one little pumpkin, named "Punky", and that's about it really. Such fuddy duddys this year. . . I AM gearing up for all the traditional holiday festivities to come beginning with St. Martin 's day on the 11th. . . and a little turnip lantern making that day. :) And YOUR glitter is always showing my dear. :) Happy November!